Client Web Showcase

KCSA Connect provides an Internet portal for rapid communication to a broad range of our clients’
audiences. Clients' audiences click on the KCSA site and are immediately linked to the desired client
information. An opt-in registration tool supports this service so that we can track and target visitors,
including investors and journalists, interested in company information. Clients may also link their web
sites to KCSA Connect to leverage its interactive, archiving and hosting capabilities.

KCSA Connect is continuously updated with the latest applications and provides our clients with an
ahead-of-the-curve advantage. Clients use KCSA Connect to increase sales force productivity,
ensure efficient and cost-effective product launches, and provide full corporate communications
with employees, customers, partners, investors and the press.

- Webcasting   - Content Development
- Video and Audio News Releases   - Design and Architecture Development
- Video B-rolls and Streamed Audio Clips   - KCSA Digital Investor Kits
- Website Architecture and Content Management   - KCSA Video Gallery™
- Website Audit and Report   - Internet Promotional Strategies

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